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Try as I might, it’s inevitable that I’ll end up seeing the same episode of a kid’s show more than twice. Our choices for kid’s shows are limited since we’re cable free and only certain shows are available on streaming platforms. When I heard about “Annedroids” I jumped at the opportunity to watch a few episodes if for nothing but some variety.

I was pleasantly surprised as the kids and I watched the first episode. The show follows Nick, Shania (Adrianna Di Liello), and Anne (Addison Holley) and their adventures performing science experiments. Anne is kid genius who builds androids; in the first episode Nick and Shania stumble onto Anne’s laboratory in an abandoned junkyard and quickly become interested in Anne’s experiments and her androids. In addition to the over-arching science theme, there is also humor thanks to Shania and different family dynamics like Nick’s single mom.

The first thing I noticed about the show was that it placed a girl in lead of a science based show. With so many shows aimed at little girls that focus on princesses and magic/fantasy that have no redeeming message it’s great to see a show that has a girl interested in a topic that isn’t necessarily a “girl topic”. I liked that the actual scientific process is discussed and the characters don’t shy away from the real words like “hypothesis” and “conclusion” (memories of my science fair projects are coming back) and the kids don’t always succeed at the first attempt. I wanted to high five the writers when they threw in the Thomas Edison line of “It’s not a failure, it’s just another way something doesn’t work.”

After watching the first episode I asked Sophia if she enjoyed it. “Yeah! It has RObots and they’re good guys and the RObot opened its eyes.” Sorry, guess I should have put in a spoiler alert.

The show is targeted for kids a bit older than Sophia, 4 to 7 years old, but it still held her attention for a full episode and has lessons and topics I’m more than happy to encourage interest in both kids. You can watch “Annedroids” on Amazon Prime Instant Video and it’s available now. We have several episodes left to watch and will definitely be adding it to our playlist.

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  1. I actually want to see this show now.


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