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Lately I’ve had a difficult time simply sitting back and taking a breath. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities and obligations; holidays, work, and birthdays in addition to all the daily kid wrangling. I blame part of this ongoing desire to constantly go on the fact that we were stuck in the house for so many months this past winter. That’s a small part though; the truth is I rarely find myself deserving of a break.

Tim has been gone with the Army for a long week of work. I’ve been using my ample amount of quiet time at night to work extra hours for my contract position. I’ve also been racking my brain to find something to write on here. It’s been over a week since I last posted and the silence has been ringing in my ears. Jack and I both have been a bit under the weather starting last Thursday but even that didn’t stop me from slowing down my pace but it did make me feel sloth like for napping in the afternoon while the kids did.

Today I forced myself to stay inside…to relax…as much as I could being on my own with two kids. I left the kids to their own devices for most of the day.

Movies and cartoons were plentiful. I leisurely did the laundry, which is a bit absurd considering I have never had to scrub my clothes on a rock in the river. It was work to convince myself that we all needed a day to sit and decompress. But judging by the happy kids I had all day I’m guessing it was needed that we all deserved a bit of peace and quiet.


  1. Good for you for making peace with that kind of day! I’ve been having those lately a LOT and they mostly just piss me off. I really need to stop kicking and screaming and just accept this short season I’m in. Second trimester come quick!! 😉
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    Jennifer Reply:

    Isn’t it terrible when we can’t enjoy the one thing we want or need? I hope first tri isn’t kicking your butt too hard and you get your second wind soon.


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