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Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I want to say on here that I do more thinking than actual writing. And by the time I sit down to actually write something the words and ideas are so jumbled up that I can’t make heads or tails out of them. I also haven’t been making enough time for this space of mine so I’m starting to fall out of practice with the whole words to internet process. I’ve started doing some contract work to keep my brain and my resume from atrophying while in my stay at home mom role. Of course the amount of money I make is directly related to how much time I work so I’ve been full throttle with that since I started at the beginning of the month and have really pulled back on here. I need to tweak the balance a bit so I can still take enjoyment in writing.

We spent this past Easter Sunday with both sides of our extended family. The kids looked adorable in their Easter outfits. It was a beautiful day and the kids played outside with their cousins for the majority of the day. And we failed to capture any photos of it save for a few Big Foot-esque shots on Tim’s camera phone. And then I realized I have so few photos of myself with the kids and I became downright upset about it. It didn’t help that there is a photo of me and my mom at Easter when I was about five months old. It also doesn’t help that Jack is turning one this Saturday and I all I keep saying in my head (and aloud) is “How did this happen so fast?” And then I think that Sophia is just two months away from turn three and before I know it they’ll be graduating college and I’ll have five pictures total to remember their childhood by. Not dramatic at all right?

I feel like this year is speeding away from us now that the weather is warmer and the sun is still up after we eat dinner. Our calendar is filling up with an assortment of obligations and events like back-to-back TDYs for Tim, graduations, birthdays, a short vacation for me and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and we’ll be shut back up inside the house. Since this may be my last summer at home with the kids full time I want to maximize every day that we can. But then I wonder when Tim and I will ever get any time to ourselves.

Blogging conference season is quickly approaching and I was super excited for it in the beginning of the year. I even bought a pass to BlogHer as soon as it went on sale but now I’m nowhere near as excited as I was. In fact I’m trying to sell my ticket because I’m definitely not going to BlogHer for a myriad of reasons (time, cost, anxiety).  (If you’re looking to go, email me…I have an early bird priced ticket.) I was going to do a conference in Philadelphia but now I’m on fence about that as well. I guess nothing is really jumping out at me this year.  I know what I really want out of any conference is to spend face-to-face time with my internet friends.

I broke the backspace key off of my keyboard…now I only have a little nub to push when I make mistakes which has made it painfully obvious just how many mistakes I make every time I type.

And finally I spend an embarrassing amount of time on Buzzfeed, specifically taking their quizzes, and I can’t stop. Why did I ever bother clicking on “How Many Austrailian Movies Have You Seen?” other than Australia I can’t think of another one I’ve seen. At least the “Which Hunger Games District Do You Actually Belong In” has some relevance to my life…sort of. (For the record I belong in District 7.)


  1. Where’s BlogHer this year? I’m going to two blog conferences in Atlanta this fall, and I’m hoping to meet some new bloggers there. I need to start networking online so I can “know” them when I get there!
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    Jennifer Reply:

    This year BlogHer is in San Jose, CA.

    I “met” a lot of bloggers through Twitter and the conference centered Facebook groups before attending BlogHer ’12. I also met one blogger on the train/Twitter on my way up and we shared a cab to the hotel. Make sure you get phone numbers of those people you want to meet up.


    Jennifer Reply:

    BlogHer is in San Jose, CA this year. I would love to go to CA but the Army and other obligations just aren’t lining up the right way.

    I’d love to find another conference or two just to get different view points and try different styles but they’re so pricey it’s a big commitment. I want to be wowed.


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