From Nursery to Big Girl Room

It’s difficult to believe that three years ago I was still able to sleep in on the weekends, breakfast at the diner didn’t need days of advance planning, and that I was pregnant with Sophia. I was also putting the final touches on what would be Sophia’s nursery around this time too and unveiled it just a few short weeks later.

From Nursery to Big Girl Room

I thought long and hard about what I wanted in her room, a recliner instead of a rocker, just enough girly accents but nothing too babyish that wouldn’t grow with her. Her room has served us well from the first night home. I’ve spent countless hours in that recliner nursing her and now her brother. The open space was where she took her first steps and about eighteen months ago we turned her crib into a day bed. Her room like her has definitely grown and changed in the last three years. I thought it was time I gave you a peak into what her big girl room looks like and what additions and subtractions we’ve made to it in that time.

Simmons Beautiy Rest Classic Plush Eurotop

The biggest change in Sophia’s room was the purchase of a big girl bed last September. She had been sleeping in the crib-converted-to-daybed but it just wasn’t cutting it for her and she was waking up a lot during the night probably out of discomfort. The mattress is a full size Simmons Beauty Rest Classic Plus Firm Eurotop Mattress (ah-maz-ing!), pricey but worth every dime and it’s an investment as we have zero intention of purchasing another mattress for her while she’s living under our roof. The headboard is just the back of the crib that bolts to the bed frame.

Target Circo Chevron Sheets

I love these sheets! They’re Circo brand from Target. Sophia’s Aunt Jamie gave them to her for Christmas.

Bunny still an ever presence and now Bear and Jake have the pleasure of being jammed into the headboard slats at night.

I did have an Ikea hanging closet organizer in the center of the closet. It held baby blankets, towels, crib sheets, shoes, and other miscellany that we didn’t use on a regular basis. I took it out about six months ago since the baby items are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

In her closet I repurposed a basket I received at my baby shower as a place for shoes. On the other side of the closet is a wicker hamper for dirty clothes. The monogram canvas tote (a baby shower gift) is her dance bag and the Minnie Mouse pack pack (backpack) is used for random overnight stays. The crib bedding on the left is currently looking for a new home.

Last week I removed the Ikea drawer dividers I had in her dresser since her clothes have become too large to properly fit in the dividers. We’re in that gray area of not knowing if it’s safe to put away the winter clothes so her drawers look pretty full but they’ll soon thin out.

I kept the multi-compartment divider in her top drawer. It helps keep the underwear, socks, tights, and hair accessories in a somewhat orderly fashion. There’s still open space on the right side of the drawer for undershirts and other random things.

Summer Infant Multiview Video Monitor

We moved the changing table out of Sophia’s room right around the time we converted the crib into a daybed. In its place we moved this bookcase up from the family room. The canvas boxes were another Target find and are filled with random toys. The picture on the bookcase is a photo I snapped of Bunny and modge podged a print of it onto a canvas frame. A few months after we brought Jack home we splurged and bought a Summer Infant Multi View Digital Color Video Monitor. It was another great investment and one I wish we had made before Sophia was born. The green piggy bank was another baby shower gift, my aunt picked it up at a specialty boutique in New Hope, PA.

Ace Bayou Children's Recliner

The mini-recliner. (Ace Bayou Juvenile Recliner) Sophia was given this from her Pop-Pop the Christmas before last. At first I wanted to slipcover or reupholster it to match her room but now it’s grown on me. Sophia loves this chair (and so does Jack) and she’s been known to sit in it and read books for what seems like hours.

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