7 Months

Dear Jack,

Today you are seven months old. We’re now on the downward slope of your first year of life. I’m having a hard time believing that is true. The older you get the faster time seems to go. It makes me a bit sad since you’re my last baby but I still love watching you grow and learn.

It’s been a big month for you. You got your first two teeth about a week after you turned six months. We took you to the doctor sometime during that week and you weighed in at seventeen pounds thirteen ounces and were twenty-eight inches long. You’re becoming quite the string bean. You’re also becoming quite mobile; you can roll and wiggle and squirm around the floor to get what you want and just tonight we watched you attempt a real crawl and it got you pretty far. You’d get up on your hands and knees, lunge forward, fall down, and then repeat. I predict you’ll be crawling by Christmas. You’re also quite the chatter box when you want to be. Your first identifiable word was “blah, blah”…I’m not even joking. Then it was on to “dada” and now I hear you saying “jaja” which I think might be your attempt at your name.

Your sleep has gotten more predictable this past month. You’ve always been a good sleeper but it’s been a bit all over the place the last two months. We’ve got you more consistent with nap start times and I think it’s helped your naps last a little longer. You’ve also started eating more and more solids. You seem insatiable at most meals and the only food you don’t like is parsnips. You’re always up to try something new. You ate the meat from five chicken wings for dinner at your cousin’s first birthday party, a meatball at your Pop-Pop’s house the next night, and half a hamburger for dinner tonight. You love fruit with all sorts of things: oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, or straight up. You’re amazing at feeding yourself…there is very little dropped on the floor or your chair. Your little tiny fingers can pick up the tiniest crumb and shove it in your mouth as fast as you can.

You still think the sun rises and sets with Sophia. The two of you are now starting to play together. I’m not sure what she’s doing in the back seat but when we’re in the car I can hear you giggling at her and then she starts giggling because you’re giggling, it’s the best sound ever. You want to be part of the roughhousing that goes on between Sophia and Daddy after dinner. Don’t worry, buddy, you’ll get there soon enough. In the meantime, Sophia will give you all the hugs and kisses you want.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I know you’re going to go to town on some turkey and sides. I can’t wait for your first Christmas either. You’ve been such a good boy I’m sure Santa will bring you lots of toys.

I love you so much,



Read what I wrote to Sophia when she turned seven months.


  1. The picture with Sophia is HILARIOUS!!


  2. Ha! Is he wearing pajama jeans? I love him. He is adorable and congratulations to you! This first year is a rough one and you are doing it with grace and style.
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    Jennifer Reply:

    Haha! No pajama jeans but I keep saying how jealous I am of children’s clothes. Stretchy pants all the time? Okay!

    You’re too kind. I feel calmer this time around but there are definitely still times that I hide in the pantry and manage my stress with chocolate covered pretzels.


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