Zombie Mom

I don’t know how single parents do it. I understand they have to do it but I don’t know how some still have the energy to socialize or communicate in another form other than grunting.

Tim has only been gone for AT for a week and I’m a complete zombie. It doesn’t help that I’m taking a prescription that lists “fatigue” as a side-effect. This “fatigue” coupled with waking up an hour earlier than I normally would are the necessary ingredients for a zombie mom.


Even she looks more rested than I do.

I feel bad but I’m elated when I put Sophia to bed because after she’s in bed and I’m done all my prep work for the following day I can go to sleep. This thought was the only thing that kept me going during the day on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have another week of 6 a.m. wake ups and survival mode to get through. I have no doubt I can do it (what choice do I have, really) but I think I’ll sleep for seventy-two straight hours once Tim gets home.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to find all sources of caffeine in my refrigerator and pantry and ingest the same.


  1. I just have to say… as a transplant to New Jersey from the West Coast… I have to laugh at all the differences in the way we all speak. For example “I’m done all my prep work….” I’ve noticed that many New Jersey-ites leave out the word “with” or “at the” often. So instead of “I’m down at the shore” it’s “I’m down the shore” or instead of “I’m done with all of my prep work” it’s “I’m done all my prep work.” Hahahaha Another thing ya’ll say is “yous” instead of “you guys”

    This little poke was all in good fun my dear :p hahahaha


  2. I’ve been feeling much the same!
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