8 Months

Dear Sophia,

Today you are eight months old…four months from now you’ll officially be a toddler although you’re already embracing some of the defiance that comes along with toddlerhood.

You have really been enjoying yourself at the sitter’s house during the weekdays. You love your friend Makayla and she loves you…it’s very sweet to watch you two together. Being with another kid during the day has really encouraged you to get moving. You’re rolling all over the place and even scooting forward on your belly a bit. You still much prefer holding my or daddy’s hands and walking around though you’ll settle for just holding on to the couch or coffee table and slowly walking along that. You’re starting to pull up on things besides daddy or me.

You’ve become a complete chatterbox the past month. You can say “baba” “dada” “lala” “ooh” and “yiyi”. I think I’ve heard you say “mama” but only when you’re in the midst of a full blown hissy fit so I’m not counting it. You’re also able to understand simple directions like “hands up” or “high five” or the dreaded “no” which usually causes the aforementioned hissy fits. You love to give the “baby in the mirror” kisses and will occasionally give daddy or me kisses if we ask nicely.

I also can’t get over just how big you are. I’m starting to pack away the nine month sized clothes because they’re getting too tight. The bathroom scale is way off so I’m not exactly sure how much you weigh but I’d guess it’s around eighteen and a half to nineteen pounds and you’re somewhere around twenty-eight inches tall. You’ll be bigger than me soon!

This next month is shaping up to be another busy one. Your Aunt Katie is getting married and your great-grandmother is coming out from Colorado again along with your great-aunts and great-uncle that you haven’t met you. They’ll love you because let’s face everyone loves you. The weather is also starting to warm up so hopefully we’ll have more days playing outside instead of being stuck in the house.

As always I can’t wait to see what this month has in store for you.

Love always,



  1. Beautiful photos! Happy 8 months Sophia :)


  2. I love these updates even though I get to see you two every day.

    I love the two of you so much!


  3. Awww congratulations!


  4. Such a cutie!!


  5. Patricia Endres says:

    We can not believe how beautiful,smart,and wonderful she is, she has made getting up every morning easier, just going to work with all her pictures on my desk, make my day. Thank you Jenn, Tim and Sophia for all the joy you bring, I love all of you so much. I am so blessed to have all 3 of you, and thank God everyday.



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