7 Months

Dear Sophia,

Yesterday you turned seven months old. You’re closer to one year old than you are to being a newborn. This month has brought a lot of changes for you and for all of us. You woke up on New Year’s Day with your first tooth! It was the front bottom tooth. The tooth right next to it came through about two weeks later. I think I’m starting to see another tooth coming through your top gum. We had to take you to the doctor for your six month check up this past month and you weighed in at seventeen pounds six ounces and measured twenty-six and a half inches long.

You so badly want to get your move on but quite haven’t figured out how your arms and legs move in unison. You’ve started scooting on your belly but only backwards which frustrates you. I’m sure you’ll figure it all out in due time. It doesn’t seem to be slowing you down too much though; you can still wiggle yourself around the room and get what you want like my cell phone or the remote control because all those toys you got for Christmas are odd news. You’ve also stepped into the world of self feeding. So far, you only feed yourself dinner but we’re slowing moving away from purees at dinner to soft solids like cooked peas, broccoli, and shredded chicken.

The biggest news this month was your new day time plans. You just finished your first week with your new babysitter, Liz. The first day was a little strange for you but by Friday you were leaping out of Daddy’s arms onto the floor so you could play with your friend Makayla.

This month looks like it’s going to be low key for all of us. It will be your first Valentine’s Day but I’m sure you’ll find it’s just a bunch of hype and lots of chocolate. It’s also your cousin’s birthday month so you’ll have to help her celebrate her second birthday. I hope this month gives you lots of free time so you can focus on all the new skills you’re working on.




  1. Oh goodness! She is adorable! And that tiny pink jacket! Ahh! 😀



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