Road Trip


I’m coming at you live from St. Augustine, FL. We drove 850+ miles, in 15 hours with two kids because why not?  Actually,  it was a great trip. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my pictures from the drive down. We’re now settled in with my cousin’s family and ready for a… [Read More…]

Our Wedding

wedding kiss

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about our wedding on here.  It was EPIC!  People are still talking about our wedding, six years later.  If you ask me what happened that made it so awesome I can’t pinpoint one exact event.  It was simply an all around good time;… [Read More…]

31 Things About Me on My 31st Birthday

31 Things About Me

Since it’s my birthday, I thought I’d go easy on myself today with the writing. I know of three other people who share my birthday, two of them are the same exact age as me; the third is my nephew. My tenth birthday party was the best.  My parents took me and my friends to… [Read More…]

Thirty Has Been Awesome


Thirty-one will be here in a few short hours.  So many people cringe at turning thirty but I didn’t.  I embraced thirty like it was a long lost friend.  I felt I had known thirty for the whole of my twenties.  And thirty did not fail to disappoint. I went back through my blog tonight… [Read More…]

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

After Christmas, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Last year I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner for six adults and two kids with just my four burner stove and standard size oven.  It was a delicious meal, if I do say so myself.  Aside from the turkey, I borrowed recipes from across the internet and they were… [Read More…]