My Five Faves On Friday – 08.15.2014 Edition

My Five Faves on Friday 08.15.14

If it’s your first time dropping by the blog on a Friday, My Five Faves on Friday is a series of things I’m obsessing over this week. You can follow my Pinterest board of all my faves and past posts. There’s no theme for the series just whatever catches my fancy. It’s been a great… [Read More...]

Come Fly With Me

This Plane Doesn't Have a Phalange

Tomorrow I’ll be rising at the ass crack of dawn so I can get on a plane bound for Chicago for an extended weekend with my mom and sister. To travel with me is an experience in Type-A and slightly neurotic behavior, especially air travel. In the week leading up to taking a trip, I’m… [Read More...]

Yoga Poses Don’t Talk Back or Why As Parents We Should Be Kinder to Ourselves

Yoga Poses Don't Talk Back or Why As Parents We Should Be Kinder to Ourselves

As I lay on the floor just outside the bathroom while Tim gave the kids a bath last Thursday, I could hear him and Sophia having the same brick wall style conversation I have with her multiple times a day. Tim: Don’t drink the bath water. Sophia: Why? Tim: Because it’s dirty. Sophia: drinks more… [Read More...]

Amazon Studios: Annedroids {Sponsored}

Amazon Studies Annedroids

Try as I might, it’s inevitable that I’ll end up seeing the same episode of a kid’s show more than twice. Our choices for kid’s shows are limited since we’re cable free and only certain shows are available on streaming platforms. When I heard about “Annedroids” I jumped at the opportunity to watch a few… [Read More...]

Roasted Summer Vegetable Panzanella

Roasted Summer Vegetable Panzanella

I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about my heritage here.  Growing up and when I was working outside of the house, it was inevitable that I would be asked “What are you?”  I never take offense to the question but I’m always surprised with the guesses people came up with…Greek and Jewish being the… [Read More...]