The Regret I Have

The Regret I Have | Also Known As...the Wife

It’s after dinner on Thursday night…the sweet relief of Friday and the weekend is fast approaching but not fast enough.  I don’t get to escape my day-to-day grind for the coming two days, but I do get support in the form of another adult. It’s been almost two years since I decided to stay home… [Read More…]

Snow Day

Snow Day | Also Known As...the Wife

We had a “snow day” yesterday.  I use quotation marks because after the three or four days of talk from the weather people that a huge snow storm was barreling our way, we saw next to nothing.  Well I shouldn’t say nothing, there were about three or four inches when all was said and done…. [Read More…]

My Five Faves on Friday – 01.23.15 Edition

My Five Faves on Friday - 01.23.15 Edition | Also Known As...the Wife

It’s Friday so you know what that means.  Five Faves time!  If you’re new around here, Five Faves is where I share the five things I’m loving and/or lusting after recently. You can see all my previous five favorites on myPinterest board.  I don’t receive any compensation for the things I share unless otherwise noted.  Let’s… [Read More…]

Things I Suck At

Things I Suck At | Also Known As...the Wife

Last week I read a blog post by April over at Our Little Love about all the things she’s not so great at.  I love the idea of sharing things that I’m not perfect at.  Last year, I took part in the #MessyReality challenge, Jill from Baby Rabies came up with, to show you my house wasn’t… [Read More…]

Texts With My Husband

Texts With My Husband | Also Known As...the Wife

I realize Tim and I can be pretty strange.  But I didn’t realize just how strange we can be.  The other night my phone alerted me that I had 569 messages to and from Tim.  Before I deleted them all I went through and saved some.  Aww, who knew I’d actually be sentimental?  Among the nicer,… [Read More…]