The Reality Behind the Blog

#SliceofPerfect #MessyReality

I’ve come to be very skeptical of bloggers who appear to have it all together. I don’t mean that in a nasty way but I have learned, when the pangs of jealousy of beautiful and expansive homes creep in, that I’m only getting a small, styled glimpse into another person’s life and that person is… [Read More...]

From Nursery to Big Girl Room

From Nursery to Big Girl Room

It’s difficult to believe that three years ago I was still able to sleep in on the weekends, breakfast at the diner didn’t need days of advance planning, and that I was pregnant with Sophia. I was also putting the final touches on what would be Sophia’s nursery around this time too and unveiled it… [Read More...]

Five Tips for Feeding Your Baby Beyond Purees & a Giveaway

Five Tops for Feeding Your Baby Beyond Purees

Food is my love language. Really. There is no better way for me to show my love for someone than to pour it out, mix it up, and cook it in my kitchen. Meal times, especially dinner, are important to me and I want to include our whole family in them as much as possible…. [Read More...]

Because I’m Happy

Inaugural Wagon Ride

I feel like I’m living in the video for Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” the past few days but instead of dancing around the city snapping my fingers picture me bent over the flower beds in the front yard tossing around bags of mulch. We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather, sunshine and temperatures in the sixties for… [Read More...]

Clearly I’m Unprepared for Parenthood

Jack in the ER

Before we had kids, I gave a great deal of thought to all kinds of parenting related things from breastfeeding to discipline to how to have the sex talk. Always the planner, I had a script in my mind for all of the major points of parenthood. Almost three years later and some of those… [Read More...]