I’ll Be Able to Say “I Had An Idea”

I'll Be Able to Say "I Knew When" | Also Known As...the Wife

Often when a serial killer is discovered and apprehended the local media will interview the wahoo neighbors and you’re almost guaranteed to hear at least one person say “We had no idea he was like this.  He seemed like such a normal person.”  But really any parent or person who has interacted with a toddler… [Read More…]

When I Spread My Words Too Thin

When I Spread My Words Too Thin | Also Known As...the Wife

I’ve been ignoring this space for the past month, maybe more.  It’s felt like a chore to come here and put something semi-intelligible for you to read.  I spend free moments of my day thinking “God I need to put something up there today, tomorrow, sometime this week” and then come up with absolutely nothing to… [Read More…]

Scallops with Bacon, Peas, and Linguine

Scallops with Bacon, Peas, & Linguine

I’ve been hard pressed to find something to share with you lately, but food always brings me back.  It’s not exact a case of writer’s block more like diversion.  Hmm…maybe I should talk about that later on in the week. Anyway, let’s talk delicious and easy dinners.  This is one of them.   Out of… [Read More…]

Can You Reinvent Yourself? #StreamTeam

Netflix #StreamTeam Badge

This month Netflix asked me to write about reinventing myself.  I thought about the topic for a while trying to pull up some quirky or funny story from my youth and while I can think of a few times that I tried a new trend, I can’t really I ever reinvented myself, though not for… [Read More…]

What Made Me Smile Last Week

What Made Me Smile This Week

It’s usually this point in the winter that I reach my breaking point. Compared to last winter, the weather and snow hasn’t been that bad but we’ve still be obligated to stay inside for the majority of it and our options for indoor entertainment are limited.  For the last two weeks, all I’ve been able… [Read More…]